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if statement for add image

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if (#var[‘entity’]->somename ==  “sometitle”){


<img alt=”entity name” src=”<?php echo $vars[‘url’]”; ? system path url />

<?php } ?>

How to Install elgg?

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

You should download elgg first.

save elgg to my computer/file system/opt/lampp/htdocs


then go to localhost and click phpmyadmin

then type in location http://localhost/elgg-1.7.1

then Enter your database settings will display, fill that form.

after finish go to /opt/lampp/htdocs/elgg-1.7.1 (2)/engine, create new file, file name(settings.php) and save that setting.php coding. After finish this step refrest it.

After finish settings.php, then create .htaccess file on elgg. same method is follwed by .htaccess file.

After finish .htaccess, refresh u r localhost. system settings form will displayed, but first u should do, to create Eg: elgg(any name its u r wish) empty file in u r  home folder. After finish creating folder, then right click and select properties  and click permission tag and change folder access file (select create and delete files). Change all three folder access file, then click apply permission to enclosed files

if u finish this, go to localhost and Paste u r created folder in full path to the directory field, then click u r save button.

After finish all this, u r registration form will display, fill that form.

you have successfully register for new elgg site, start to create your own site.

Your new Elgg site.

If u have doubt means please send me comment.


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